Ep. 8 – Rec Riddles

We’re back with another banging episode! We have Jersey native and killer rapper/producer Rec Riddles! We get into his history with beats and live instruments, how to balance being a rapper and producer, and his experiences with conferences and battles! Make sure to like, subscribe, and share! Twitter and IG: @fruitboompod Email: fruitboompod@gmail.com https://media.blubrry.com/fruitboompod/freshproducestl.com/podcasts/FOTB_008_REC_RIDDLES.mp3Podcast: Play

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Ep. 6 – DJ K. Mean

This episode of Fruit Of The Boom has our very first female guest and very knowledgeable, DJ K. Mean of Mean Girlz Media! We talk her history with being a DJ, her thoughts and opinions on artists coming up as independent and major, and gives us insight and advice on how to maneuver at conferences!

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Ep. 5 – DJ VThom

We have episode 5 with our homie and the resident DJ for Fresh Produce Beat Battle in St. Louis, DJ VThom! Homie blessed us with a live DJ set while we interview, a first ever! We talk his history with turntablism, equipment, and just shoot the ish! Follow us on Twitter @fruitboompod and email us

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Ep. 4 – B-Money

This episode is something to definitely check out. We have local STL legend, music producer, and DJ, B-Money! We talk his history w/ beats and scratching, his big name placements, and his history in NY and Japan! He also gives game that any up-and-coming producer and DJ should DEFINITELY hear! Make sure to check us

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Ep. 2 – DJ Uptown

This is episode 2 of The Fruit of The Boom podcast, hosted by JBJR (@jbjrofficial) and Matt Sawicki (@matthewsawicki)! We interview super-dope DJ with the versatility to match, DJ Uptown! We talk and explore his history with music and turntablism and just shoot the shit. Contact us on Twitter at @fruitboompod and e-mail us at

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Ep. 1 – Trifeckta

This is the VERY first episode of the Fruit of The Boom Podcast, hosted by music producer JBJR and engineer Matt Sawicki! We sit down w/ a local legend in the St. Louis music scene, music producer and retired beat battle champion Trifeckta to discuss his history with beats, artists, and just random music ish!

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