Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce STL December 6th

Sophie's Artist Lounge 8:30PM CDT


Fresh Produce

Established in 2008, Fresh Produce is a monthly beat battle hosted by Basement Sound System & Suburban Pro Studios at Sophie’s Artist Lounge in St. Louis, MO.

Producers are invited to showcase their freshest beats and hottest tracks while competing for fame and fortune.

The purpose of Fresh Produce is to bring the producer to the front of the stage. Giving them a platform to shine, on their own, in front of an unfamiliar crowd of Heads and soon to be friends. A true, unbiased, instant judgement on the new sauce they have been stirring in the lab.

Fresh Produce is a community of people that enjoy nodding (their heads) the night away to perfect 808’s, drums, snares, claps, and melodies. A place where friends are made through their love for beats and the maestros that make them. A new friend is one kick drum or pass to the left away. Fresh Produce is quickly becoming the place to be to network, hear the freshest beats, and be seen.

How it works

Producers compete head to head in a tournament style bracket battle. Each producer is given at least one minute per round to impress the judges, which include former winners from multiple beat battles, DJ’s, tastemakers from around the area and the difference maker, The Crowd.

Hosted by the Founder of Basement Sound System, DJ Who, and Suburban Pro’s Studios Head Engineer, Matthew Sawicki, while the world famous DJ Mahf and other BSS DJ’s control the decks and sounds all night. Come see for yourself every first Wednesday of the month.

Upcoming Events

Fresh Produce STL

  Next battle 12.06.2023
Doors 8:30p | Battle @ 9p
FREE @ Sophie’s Artist Lounge

$500 cash to win + $100 studio time at Suburban Pro Studios

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Sign-ups are free and close two Monday’s before each battle.

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Champions Battle

Next Champs battle 01.05.2024
Doors 8:30p | Show @ 9p
Always FREE @ TBA

$1000 to win, $250 studio time at Suburban Pro

Fresh Produce Beat Battle

Listen, Learn, Get inspired.

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